Online deployment

To deploy components online:

  1. Choose one of the following options:
    • Insert the Firmware Maintenance CD. The Firmware Maintenance CD interface opens.

      NOTE: In Linux, if the autostart is not enabled, you must manually start the Firmware Maintenance CD.

    • Insert the USB drive key. Manually start the interface and open a CLI. To access the Firmware Maintenance CD, enter one of the following commands:
      • In Windows®, enter _autorunautorun_win
      • In Linux, enter /autorun

        NOTE: If you are using a USB drive key with multiple cd images, navigate to the appropriate CD subfolder to launch autorun for the Firmware Maintenance CD.

  2. Read the End-User License Agreement. To continue, click Agree. The Firmware Maintenance CD interface appears.
  3. Click the Firmware Update tab.
  4. Click Install Firmware. The HP Smart Update Manager is initiated.
  5. Select, and then install the desired components. For more information, see “Local host installations using the GUI” or “Multiple-host installations using the GUI.”

Online deployment