Entering credentials for hosts

When you select a single remote host, the Enter Credentials for Host screen appears. You must enter your username and password as the credentials for the host.

Proliant Maintenance CD 90256 Entering credentials for hosts

To enter the credentials for the host, choose one of the following:

  • Select Enter Username and Password, and then enter the username and password.
  • Select Use Current Credentials to use the currently logged-in user’s credentials.

If an active update process is detected on the remote host, you can select Skip host or Restart update. Skip host causes the host to be ignored for the rest of the update process, and Restart update causes any existing or in-progress installation to be terminated.

To continue, click OK.

When you select a group or multiple hosts, the Enter Credentials for Group screen appears.

Proliant Maintenance CD 90258 Entering credentials for hosts

The screen separates the remaining hosts that still require credentials from the completed hosts.

Each pane is divided into the following columns:

  • Name—Specifies the name of the host.
  • Status—Specifies the credentials status of the host.




    Proliant Maintenance CD 53198 Entering credentials for hosts


    The credentials for the host have been entered.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 53196 Entering credentials for hosts

    Needs Credentials

    The credentials for the host have not been entered.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 53196 Entering credentials for hosts

    Credentials Failed

    The credentials entered for the host have failed.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 53195 Entering credentials for hosts

    Unable to access host

    The host cannot be accessed using the credentials entered, or the host cannot be found on the network.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 53193 Entering credentials for hosts

    Host Skipped Due to Existing HPSUM Session

    The host is skipped due to an existing HP Smart Update Manager session. The skipped hosts can be accessed if the appropriate CLI switch is used or if Restart Update is selected on the Enter credentials for host screen.

  • Description—Displays the user-defined description given to the host.

To enter the credentials for the host:

  1. In the left pane, select the host from the list of hosts requiring credentials. If all credentials are the same, to select all the hosts on the list, click Select All.
  2. To enter the required credentials and move the selected host to the Completed Hosts pane, click the Enter button.
  3. To continue, click Next.

    NOTE: If a TPM is detected and enabled, an HP Smart Update Manager pop-up warning message appears after the Discovery Progress screen. You must read the message and determine how to proceed. For more information, see Trusted Platform Module.

Entering credentials for hosts