Selecting the location to check for updates

The Source Selections screen enables you to select components from a directory and the HP FTP site as a location for obtaining updates to your systems. You can also select components that have already been downloaded. You can use up to all three of the following methods simultaneously.

NOTE: For offline deployments, the Source Selections screen does not appear.

Proliant Maintenance CD 99555 Selecting the location to check for updates

The Source Selections screen allows you to specify where to get components for updating the targets by using one or more of the following methods:

  • Directory—This option enables you to select the directory where the components you want to deploy are located. It can be located on a locally accessible file system. The default location is the directory from where HP Smart Update Manager is executed. To change the directory value, click the Browse button to launch a select-directory menu. To set the field back to its initial value, click the Default button.
  • Check—This option enables you to get firmware and software components located on the HP FTP site. The HP FTP site contains the latest versions of the firmware and software components available from HP. The components, which are applicable (denoted with an icon) are available for selection on the Select Items to be Installed screen. When using this method, both firmware and software components are available for selection depending on the options set on the Set Bundle Filter screen when ProLiant Support Packs are included in the components to be deployed. To limit only the appearance of available firmware components, use the /romonly command line argument and use the /softwareonly command line argument for software components. The components are not downloaded from the HP FTP site to a target until the Install button is actually selected unless the component is needed to discover supported devices. If components are needed for discovery, you are prompted to allow this action. If components are already up-to-date, the components are not seen.
    • The Check checkbox is cleared by default. To pull updates from the web, select the Check checkbox. To use a proxy server and enable the proxy details group box, select the Use Proxy Server checkbox.
    • Proxy Details—Enter the proxy information in the Proxy Details group box to be used to access the HP FTP site. To auto-detect the proxy information, click the Detect Proxy button. If you use a proxy server in accessing the HP FTP site, the proxy information is saved and prepopulated on the next deployment.

      NOTE: HP Smart Update Manager does not support FTP over HTTP proxy. FTP downloaded from HTTP proxy fails. Components from the HP FTP site is only presented for selection on the Select Items to Install screen if their versions are newer than what is already on the system. If a system has all of the latest versions of firmware and software, no components from is presented on the Select Items to be Installed screen.

  • Include components previously downloaded from—This option includes the components that have been previously downloaded from the HP ftp site as available for selection on the Select Items to be Installed screen. The default location for the previously downloaded components is %TEMP%hp_sumRepositoryManagerRepxx<component_number> directory. To use components already downloaded from, select this checkbox.

To begin the inventory process, click Start Inventory. The Inventory Progress screen appears while the HP Smart Update Manager builds an inventory of available updates.

Selecting the location to check for updates