Selecting components to install

When the discovery process is complete, the Select Items to be Installed screen appears. The Select Items to be Installed screen displays information about which components are available for installation on your system and enables you to select or deselect components to install.

Proliant Maintenance CD 100924 Selecting components to install

The Select Items to be Installed screen includes the following sections:

  • Product—Lists the system on which the selected items are installed.
  • Status—Indicates if the installation is ready.
  • Optional Actions—Indicates whether the component configuration is optional or required but has already been updated.
  • Reboot section—Enables you to specify reboot settings and determine when reboots occur.
  • Component selection pane—Enables you to specify which components to install.

When updating installation for some but not all NIC components, select the devices to be updated in the window that appears. If the NIC firmware listed for the device does not have a version, you cannot add that firmware to the device using HP Smart Update Manager.

When multiple hardware devices such as hard drives or array controllers exist in a single server, HP Smart Update Manager lists each device only once. If the devices have different firmware versions, then the versions are listed from earliest to latest in a range. When multiple instances of the firmware are available for installation, the instances are listed from latest to earliest. If necessary, all hardware device firmware is flashed to the selected version.

The Select Items to be Installed screen also includes the following buttons:

  • Select All—Selects all available components for installation.
  • Deselect All—Clears all components selected for installation.
  • Default—Restores the selections in the product installation pane to the default view, which is based on the existing configuration of the local system.
  • Exit—Exits HP Smart Update Manager.
  • Install—Installs all selected components.
  • Add Supplemental—Enables you to deploy additional components from a removable device. The additional components must be located on the root of the device. This button is available only for offline deployments.

The component selection pane in the Select Items to be Installed screen is divided into sections, which might vary depending on your system. These sections include the following headings:

  • Deselected By User—You have deselected the components in this section, and the components are not installed.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 101478 Selecting components to install

  • Installation Not Needed—The components in this section do not need to be updated, but can be. To update the components, select the components, and then click Installation Options.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 101475 Selecting components to install

  • Excluded by Filtering—The components in this section were excluded through your filtering options. You can use the Select Bundle Filter option or one of the command line arguments, /romonly or /softwareonly, to change the exclusion on a single target. For multiple targets, this must be repeated on each additional target. The Select Bundle Filter option screen is only available when there are bundles such as ProLiant Support Packs included in the location where the components to be downloaded are.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 82974 Selecting components to install

  • Updates to be Installed—The components in this section can be installed on your system.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 101476 Selecting components to install

  • Optional Updates—The components in this section are not selected for installation by default, even if the product is not already installed or is installed but not up-to-date. To include the component in the installation set, you must select the component.

    Proliant Maintenance CD 82977 Selecting components to install

  • No Device Driver Installed—The devices supported by the components in this section are detected on the system, but HP Smart Update Manager requires a device driver before the component can be made available for installation. Install the device driver.

Proliant Maintenance CD 101477 Selecting components to install

Multi-session installation appears on the Source Selections screen under certain combinations of dependencies between the components selected for installation.

  • Component B depends on the product in component A, in a way that requires the product to be already installed and active for component B to install.
  • Component A needs a reboot after installation to become active.
  • There is not an already-installed version of the product in component A, or at least not one of the correct version to satisfy the dependency.

If all of the above conditions are true, then HP Smart Update Manager detects it and a notification to reboot appears in order to continue the installation. All installable components appear in the original update list, but only the components shown before the notification is installed. You must reboot to complete the installation and then restart HP Smart Update Manager to continue the installation process.

Selecting components to install