HP ProLiant Firmware Maintenance CD overview

The HP ProLiant Firmware Maintenance CD provides a collection of HP Smart Update Manager and firmware in an ISO image that can be used either in an offline, interactive mode, or online in either a scripted or interactive mode. The Firmware Maintenance CD provides firmware for supported HP servers and options. The Firmware CD contains all the firmware for the BladeSystem enclosures with the exception of the Virtual Connect firmware. The Virtual Connect firmware is not available on the Firmware Maintenance CD because of its size.

To deploy the Firmware Maintenance CD contents, see “Online deployment” and “Offline deployment.” In offline mode, the Firmware Maintenance CD boots a small Linux kernel and enables firmware updates to take place on a single server using the embedded HP Smart Update Manager software. Because of the special boot environment, support for remote servers and hosts is not available. In online mode, users can leverage the autorun utility to launch HP Smart Update Manager or browse the CD to the compaqswpackages directory and execute it directly.

All firmware smart components are placed in the compaqswpackages directory for use by HP Smart Update Manager. If additional firmware smart components are needed, the Firmware Maintenance CD can be copied to a USB key, and these additional components added to the compaqswpackages directory. If HP Smart Update Manager supports the type of firmware added, it is automatically picked up the next time HP SUM is executed.

Proliant Maintenance CD 35928 HP ProLiant Firmware Maintenance CD overview

CAUTION: The Firmware Maintenance CD and its contents should be used only by individuals who are experienced and knowledgeable in their use. Before using HP Smart Update Manager to update firmware, be sure to back up the target server and take all other necessary precautions so that mission-critical systems are not disrupted if a failure occurs.

HP Smart Update Manager stores host and group information from session to session. However, user names, passwords, and existing credentials are not stored.

Use OA version 2.51 or later to get a list of all major firmware versions deployed in your enclosure using the Rack Firmware link on the main OA web page. HP supports the current and two previous versions of the Firmware Maintenance CD.

HP ProLiant Firmware Maintenance CD overview